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Poster: Jack o' Roses Date: Nov 8, 2010 6:46pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Matrix territory ,I hope: Finally - an audience of my favorite OtherOne that I saw

The SBD seems to have some TOO dynamic range compression at Phil's opening rumble (, but this audience does it better.

Musical highlights include Brent's scat during LRRooster & Bob's vocal treatment of LLRain; the one of my fav China>Riders & also SSDD; my favorite Man Smart, Woman Smarter (& TOO, of course). I find this to be an overall outstanding '82 show (Now I'm not comparing it to Duke '78, but I wasn't there then...)

Much to Candice's surprise, this is the 1st show that had Phil on 'Phil's side' & Jer between Brent & Bobby (in the position where he remained until the Dead end). -See Bob's announcement the following night in Norfolk.

Jerry was quite animated on stage, dancing as much as I've ever seen- even Black Peter saw the (just getting) fat man rocking. Does anyone else remember this?

Now, I know that the talented matriz-izers have their own list of shows to meld (as in Vulcan mind-...) together, but both 4/2/82 & 4/3/82 would benefit from this process more than most, IMvHO (Hunter, where are you?). I say this because there are sonic anomalies in the existing boards that might benefit from the audience.

Sorry to go on & on, but after the recent (*Well Deserved*) outstanding threads on the Harding 11.7.71, I thought that this new addition to my favorite site in the web would be worth commenting on....

BTW, I listened to this, 4.8.82 II & 12.27.86 at work today, FWIW.
What did you listen to (I mean, what was the last full show-drumzpace & polka tunes included-?

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